Our Commitments

Our expertise to meet your needs

Centaur Clinical is a CRO that facilitates bringing forward collaborations between various specialists and you. This will help you have the best approach to get your CE mark and have your product into the market, and possibly reimbursed.

Our focus is to be transparent

We follow local, national and international norms, laws and regulatory processes, including:

• ISO 9001-2015
• CFR21 part II

• Good Clinical Practices (ICH-GCP) but also ISO 14155 (generally seen as the GCP for Medical Devices)
• The Latest EU Medical Device Directive

Thanks to our experienced team, our best features are:

• Communication
• Respect of regulatory processes
• Innovation
• Confidentiality
• Transparency
• Ability to collaborate with the best people

Centaur Clinical is committed to help local communities and our planet

• Centaur Clinical helps, via donations, local charities,
• Centaur Clinical is dedicated to decrease the use of paper and use biodegradable or recyclable packaging.